Thoughts on Unity Testing

Writing tests for software is important for multiple reasons. For me, testing increases velocity by removing the need for manual verification of a feature or bug fix. For me, testing takes on a form of documentation for my software. For me, testing lets me return to a project and get a little hit of dopamine… Continue reading Thoughts on Unity Testing

Global Game Jam 2021

Last weekend, the weekend of January 30th, I participated in Global Game Jam 2021. I had not planned on participating because I was unaware of the details of the event. Having gone through the Unity Essentials Pathway I am aware of a few game jams and am aware that the global game jam is the… Continue reading Global Game Jam 2021

Game Programming

Since late December I have been learning video game development in earnest as a hobby. It is fun to consider the challenges of video games as software projects. This consideration lets me think about the end to end software lifecycle of video games. I enjoy playing video games as a hobby. As a kid I… Continue reading Game Programming