Printable Project Notes Technique

I have discovered a technique that seems to help with project work. It is a combination of digital and physical. I call the technique the “Printable Project Notes technique.” Let me tell you how it works. The generic objective is to use your printer to create something that can help direct your project. The idea… Continue reading Printable Project Notes Technique

Thoughts on Unity Testing

Writing tests for software is important for multiple reasons. For me, testing increases velocity by removing the need for manual verification of a feature or bug fix. For me, testing takes on a form of documentation for my software. For me, testing lets me return to a project and get a little hit of dopamine… Continue reading Thoughts on Unity Testing

Global Game Jam 2021

Last weekend, the weekend of January 30th, I participated in Global Game Jam 2021. I had not planned on participating because I was unaware of the details of the event. Having gone through the Unity Essentials Pathway I am aware of a few game jams and am aware that the global game jam is the… Continue reading Global Game Jam 2021

Game Programming

Since late December I have been learning video game development in earnest as a hobby. It is fun to consider the challenges of video games as software projects. This consideration lets me think about the end to end software lifecycle of video games. I enjoy playing video games as a hobby. As a kid I… Continue reading Game Programming