Hypothetical Course on Automated Testing for Video Games

I’ve thought about what sort of information I’d want to see if I were watching an educational course on the topic of “automated testing for video games.” Here are my thoughts.

I would assume a course would start out with the basics. Basics like here is a test, here is how to come up with a assertion of software behavior, and here is how to prioritize what automated tests to write. I would also presume the basics would simply new up ethereal game engine game objects and attach relevant game engine components to them (such as Unity’s MonoBehaviour components).

I would then start on a more complex topic. I would demonstrate how to determine good automated tests to write. To be effective one must come up with a filter of what tests to write. I believe a good filter is to write tests around selling differentiating features of the game software being written. Ideally a course would go over this topic.

I would want to see a method of creating generalize value from writing automated tests. I want to see images and/or video clips of the software behavior asserted in an automated test. This is an area where I am opportunity to create this sort of platform. It makes sense because game software is equal parts a design exercise so having a work artifact be an image or a video makes sense. I think about writing this platform.

I think these ideas together would allow for an effective course on the topic of automated testing for video game software.

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