The Tools I Use to Create

I have recently purchased a Wacom One drawing tablet from a local store. Early in college I wanted to be a digital artist so I taught myself how to create using computer drawing tablets. I never had a drawing tablet where I could draw directly onto the screen until now. I’ve learned how to use it in personal workflows when working on projects. I think type of laptop & drawing tablet setup should be standard for many types of creators.

Laptop, coffee and drawing tablet on a table
Coffee is the most important tool ☕️

The drawing tablet operates as a second monitor. I want to reference documentation while working on software or to see Unity along with the code editor. Going from one screen to two screens is a big workflow booster.

USB C adapters for laptop
Adapter paradise 😫

One thing I wish was better but isn’t is having to use adapters. On my 2020 13″ Macbook Pro there are 4 USB-C ports. The Wacom One requires one HDMI port, and two USB ports (for power and for TX & RX). I need two USB-C multiport adapters to provide ports for all of the adapters on the Wacom One X shape cable. I wish this was all handled through one USB-C cable. Unfortunately, we get the X shaped wacom one cable.

Highlight the wacom X cable
Wacom X shaped cable (extras sold separately)

I have thought to purchase an extra Wacom One X shaped cable for my desktop computer. I’m still debating if its worth it. Your mileage may vary.

Highlight connecting cables
Length of cable

You get a little bit of length on the cable. You can sit back in your chair and focus on drawing. For me, I need my laptop’s keyboard close to interact with apps like Photoshop. I could purchase the Wacom express keys remote to remove the need for my laptop keyboard. I wish there were buttons on the drawing tablet display.

Bluetooth enabled mouse
Corsair Harpoon bluetooth mouse helps speed up navigating two screens

I use a bluetooth mouse to move my cursor quickly between two screens. I use the Corsair Harpoon wireless mouse and like the simplicity of it. I also like how it has a USB adapter inside the mouse, if you want to switch over to 2.4 ghz control mode.

drawing tablet
Digital notes are fantastic ways of exploring subjects

I like using the drawing capability while studying. It is nice to have be able to generate printable notes (read more about this technique in my previous post). Free form notes are great because you never know what will help, and control Z is a powerful creation tool 😄.

I thought this post might be interesting to some people. Let me know in the comments what you think of this setup!

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