Game Programming

Since late December I have been learning video game development in earnest as a hobby. It is fun to consider the challenges of video games as software projects. This consideration lets me think about the end to end software lifecycle of video games.

I enjoy playing video games as a hobby. As a kid I loved real time strategy (RTS) games and role playing games, often the ones created in Japan (JRPG). I enjoy the idea of being a creator of game worlds, at least as a hobby.

I chose Unity because it can produce build artifacts that can be played through the web. This is the killer feature when compared to Unreal Engine or Godot Engine, which are comparable to Unity. Sharing with friends and family is much easier through the web. For example, check check my flavor of microFPS at here (

Up until now I leaned on using On that site there are “pathways” were made to help newcomers. Now I research talks on programming topic on youtube and apply what I learn. For example, I find this 2017 talk on Scriptable Objects by Ryan Hipple to be very compelling.

I learn that the Global Game Jam is like the Superbowl of game jams. I also learn the game jam for 2021 already started yesterday. Very tempting, indeed.

If you want to see my game development progress, check out my profile page.

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